Arturo Cherbowski

  • Executive Director
  • Santander Universidades

Arturo Cherbowski Lask has been Director General of Universia México since 2007, the largest university collaboration network in Mexico and Latin America. At the global level, Universia integrates 1,401 universities from 23 countries; in Mexico, it collaborates with 427 higher education institutions, both public and private, representing 90% of the Mexican university community.Since 2011, Arturo has been the Executive Director of Santander Universities in Mexico, an area that supports the development of universities and youth through a value offer that includes entrepreneurship projects, scholarships, internships, collaborative projects, and development of financial products and services for university students. To date, Banco Santander in Mexico, through Universia and Santander Universities, has delivered more than 1,700 million pesos in support to higher education.